Car seat safety doesn't have to be overwhelming

Becoming a parent for the first time is challenging and often confusing; with all sorts of contradictory information being given between the government, health care providers, friends and family. Though installing car seats shouldn’t be complicated, it can be an extremely daunting task for new parents, experienced parents and other caregivers. This course is designed to help you de-mystify installing your car seat, clarify best practices and get you to a place of confidence regarding your child’s safety in your vehicle.

  • Taught by a nationally-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor (CPST-I)

  • Learn the do's and don'ts of keeping your baby safe in their car seat during the first year of life

  • Access to downloadable resources and an exclusive Facebook group to get your situation-specific questions answered

  • Watch the course on-demand at-your-own-pace

Feel confident your baby is riding safely.

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What you'll learn

  1. 1
    • Why is car seat safety so important?

    • Disclaimer

  2. 2
    • Important links

    • Download: Safe Ride Checklist

    • Download: My Car Seat + My Vehicle

  3. 3
    • How best practice impacts your child

    • How to find the limits for your car seat

  4. 4
    • What is the best seat?

    • Pros and Cons of using an Infant (Rear Facing Only) Car Seat

    • Pros and Cons of using a Convertible or Multi-mode Car Seat

    • Is a second-hand car seat safe?

    • Registering your car seat

  5. 5
    • Why your manual is the most important thing

    • Checking for expiry

    • How do infant inserts work?

    • How to clean a car seat

    • Installation instructions

  6. 6
    • Installing with UAS/LATCH vs a seat belt

    • What's the best spot in my vehicle to install a car seat?

    • How to lock a seat belt

    • Troubleshooting: Adjusting the recline angle

    • Installing an Infant Rear-Facing Only seat (with base) using Lower Anchors (UAS/LATCH)

    • Installing an Infant Rear-Facing Only seat (with base) using RIGID Lower Connectors (UAS/LATCH)

    • Installing an Infant Rear-Facing Only seat (with base) using a seat belt

    • Installing an Infant Rear-Facing Only seat WITHOUT the base, using a seat belt

    • Installing a Convertible or Multi-mode seat using Lower Anchors (UAS/LATCH)

    • Installing a Convertible or Multi-mode seat using a seat belt

  7. 7
    • How to buckle baby into their car seat

    • BONUS VIDEO: Holly demonstrates infant harnessing with the help of a real baby

    • Why you should never loosen the harness for comfort

    • Clothing and car seats

  8. 8
    • Aftermarket products: What they are and why they're not recommended

    • Car seats are for cars

    • When should I move my child to a convertible or multimode seat?

    • Is there a time limit that baby can be in their car seat?

  9. 9
    • Thank you

    • Course Survey

At-your-own-pace learning with continuous support

In addition to the course resources and videos, students will have access to an exclusive Facebook group to get qualified answers from certified CPST-Is.

  • Curated resources

    Car seats can get complicated, and we understand that. Our course resources were created to help de-mystify car seat safety and help you feel confident in your child's safety.

  • At your own pace

    Feeling distracted? That's okay! With over 30 videos to work through at-your-own pace, the course can be paused and resumed at your convenience.

  • Exclusive community

    We recognize that not everyone's situation is the same, which is why we've created an exclusive Facebook group for students to connect with a CPST-I and get a qualified answer.

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Your instructor

Baby + Toddler Safety Expert

Holly Choi

Holly Choi is a leader in childhood injury prevention education in North America. Holly is a nationally-certified first aid instructor, and a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor. Holly is a member of both the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) and Prevent Child Injury, and has completed additional child-focused safety training in child passenger safety and childhood burn prevention. Her extensive experience and knowledge in baby and toddler safety (first aid, car seat safety, childproofing, and injury prevention), in addition to being a mom of 2, gives her a well-rounded and unique perspective.