Confidently support your clients

through a neonatal resuscitation event

“Supporting Neonatal Resuscitation” helps doulas understand procedures of neonatal resuscitation and the NICU so they can confidently support their clients through unforeseen or complex birth outcomes. This course operates from within the boundaries of a doula’s scope of practice to offer skills to understand the environment and empathize with their clients as well as care for themselves during and after critical incidents. 

The course is led by Jill Colpitts, an experienced birth doula in the Vancouver, BC area. Michelle Peltier, a birth and postpartum doula and the Patient and Family Engagement Advisor for the Neonatal Program at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre is also interviewed throughout the course. She is also a NICU parent of a baby born at 29 weeks. She offers insight into the experience of parents in the NICU and the challenges that they experience both at the hospital and the transition home. 

What you'll learn

This course was lovingly and thoughtfully created to provide the doula community with the tools and knowledge to support both their clients and themselves through a neonatal resuscitation event.

  • Understand what a neonatal resuscitation looks like, including a thorough look at the equipment used

  • Understand common reasons why a neonatal resuscitation event may occur, so you can anticipate and feel prepared when this situation may arise for your client(s)

  • Learn from a former NICU-mom and birth + postpartum doula ways you can support your client(s) while their baby is in the NICU

  • Learn ways you can supporting your client(s) as they transition home

  • Gain insight and tools to support your own mental and physical health following a neonatal resuscitation event with your client(s)

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Workbooks and community discussion included

We recognize that reflection and discussion are a huge part of learning when it comes to a complex and heavy topic. We've created workbooks and an online discussion forum to help deepen your learning experience.

  • Detailed workbooks

    Each Module of the course has a workbook to assist in deepening your learning and reflection on the course material.

  • Connect with your peers

    Course participants may join our members-only Supporting Neonatal Resuscitation Discussion Group on Facebook as a place to continue the discussion, reflect and connect with your peers.

  • Time investment

    We anticipate the course may take you anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete. Certificates are provided upon 100% completion.

What students are saying:

Katrina F.

"It's a great course, and easy to complete in just a few hours. I feel much more confident about how to support families whose babies end up needing resuscitation and/or time in the NICU. It's also helpful to know some of the hospital jargon, so that I can explain to parents what the care providers are doing to help their baby. Having recently attended a birth that ended up with shoulder dystocia, it was very helpful to learn more about it. I'd seen the ALARMER notes posted in hospital rooms, but it's good to have a more clear idea of the steps, etc. I also love that I know more about NRP, for times when babies need help and I can explain what's happening to the parents (because other people there rarely do)."

Kayla V.

"This course was amazing! Thank you Jill. It is a must. It is a refresher that we all need because we may never have had to, or rarely, encounter births that would involve NRP or NICU stays. Knowing exactly what to do to support the parents going through those things is crucial, as a well rounded doula who is prepared for whatever birth that may come our way. I learned a lot of new information, and refreshed things I did once know but kind of let go since I hadn't experience any births with troubles recently. Brushing up on the knowledge of all the equipment that may be used so the most helpful. I had forgot many of those. The reminder to deal with cumulative stress before it gets out of hand was very welcome, as well. "

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. Course Instructions

    1. Module 1 Workbook

    2. Intro

    3. NRP Equipment Overview

    4. NRP Demonstration

    5. NRP demo quiz

    1. Module 2 Workbook

    2. Prematurity

    3. Shoulder Dystocia

    4. Meconium

    5. Non-reassuring Fetal Heartrate

    6. Quiz

    1. Welcome to Module 3

    2. Module 3 Workbook

    3. Michelle Intro

    4. Michelle's Birth Story

    5. Michelle's Support System

    6. Common Procedures in the NICU

    7. Michelle's Ups and Downs

    8. Kangaroo Care

    9. Longer Term Effects of the NICU

    10. Illness and anxieties

    11. Quiz

    1. Module 4 Workbook

    2. How can doulas support

    3. Supporting Partners

    4. Quiz

    1. Module 5 Workbook

    2. Challenges for parents

    3. Coming home with extra challenges

    4. Trauma for Parents

    5. Breastfeeding

    6. Oral aversion

    7. Quiz

About this course

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  • 39 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

First Aid and Perinatal Support Education Jill Colpitts

Jill is the founder and co-owner of Safe Beginnings First Aid. Jill is a First Aid Instructor affiliated with the Lifesaving Society BC/Yukon Branch and the Canadian Red Cross. Her background includes aquatics, childcare, and doula services. When she's not teaching first aid, Jill can be found supporting clients as an experienced doula in the Vancouver, BC area. In addition to attending births, Jill actively mentors new doulas and hosts events and education sessions for the local doula community. When she’s not busy teaching, attending client's births, or enjoying a serene evening paddle on her paddle board, Jill loves chasing after her two energetic children, ages 12 and 8.