Online Infant/Child CPR, Choking and Injury Prevention Course

Gain the confidence to keep your family safe.

Western Canada's favourite Infant/Child CPR Course is now available in a convenient at-your-own-pace online format!

This accessible video-based course can be completed on your phone, tablet or computer.
Online Infant/Child CPR, Choking and Injury Prevention Course

Learn the essentials.

Know what to do if an infant or child:

  • goes unconscious

  • stops breathing, or

  • begins to choke

  • PLUS! an in-depth discussion on injury prevention for infants and toddlers

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Choose between 30 days of access, or an entire year for added peace of mind. If you haven't already started solid foods with an infant, we recommend the 1 year option.

Course contents

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome! We're so glad you're here!
  • 2
    Module 1: Recognizing an emergency
    • What does an emergency actually look like?
    • Managing an unconscious, breathing person (age 1+)
    • Modifying the procedure for an unconscious, breathing infant (0-12m)
    • Quiz: Emergencies
  • 3
    Module 2: CPR
    • CPR: When and why?
    • How to: Landmarking for CPR
    • How to: How deep should we do CPR?
    • How to: How fast should we do CPR?
    • How to: Surface requirements for CPR
    • How to: Breaths
    • CPR Demonstration
    • Modifying CPR for a Child (1-8 years)
    • Modifying CPR for Infants (0-12m)
    • Safety notes: Barrier Devices
    • Quiz: CPR Basics
    • Points to remember
  • 4
    Module 3: Choking Skills
    • Two rules before we start
    • Choking: Child (Conscious)
    • Choking: Adult (Conscious)
    • Choking: Pregnant (Conscious)
    • Understanding the Gag Reflex
    • Choking: Infant (Conscious)
    • Choking: Unconscious
    • The Importance of Receiving Medical Attention
    • Quiz: Choking
  • 5
    Module 4: Injury Prevention
    • Preventing Injuries in Infants and Toddlers
    • Activity: Preventing Injuries
    • The Two Themes of Injury Prevention
    • Preventing Bleeding
    • Preventing Burns
    • Preventing Bone, Joint + Head Injuries
    • Preventing Poisoning
    • What is 'out of reach?'
    • Safe Sleep
    • Resource: Safer Infant Sleep (Perinatal Services BC)
    • Preventing Drowning
    • Preventing Choking
    • Car Seat Safety
    • Recalled Items
    • Injury prevention: What did you learn?
  • 6
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Resources from the course